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Gaia Delpino got her second level degree in Ethno-Anthropology at University “La Sapienza” in Rome (a.a. 2004/05). Her research was an anthropological analysis on how three Ghanaian local communities perceive the European coastal forts, now objects of tourism development cooperation projects ( Western Region, Ahanta West District). This research was part of the PRIN 2004-2005 Project: “Dalla dipendenza alla cittadinanza: antropologia e storia” (From Dependency to Citizenship: anthropology and history) coordinated by professor PierGiorgio Solinas of the University of Siena.
Both the second level degree dissertation and the diary of the ethnographic experience are published in: G. Delpino, Patrimonio monumentale e comunità costiere. Un’indagine antropologica e storica sui forti europei dell’Ahanta West (Ghana),<<Africa>>, LXI, 3-4, 2006, pp.592-609; R. de Virgilio, G. Delpino, Insight. Due diari di ricerca tra America e Africa, Roma, Aracne, 2007.

In 2006 she attended the Specialization Course on Western Africa organized by IsIAO (Italian Institute for Africa and Orient).
From the same year she is a PhD student in Anthropology of the Contemporary World at  University of Milan-Bicocca.
Since 2007 she is a member of the Ethnological Mission in Benin and West Africa of the Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs (MEBAO).

She is presently researching on the “Black Diaspora” and “Black Sionism”. In particular she is interested in the memories on the Slave Trade and the Black Diaspora among some Ghanaian and Afro-American communities in Ghana.